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Savings Ga- L’Oréal®: Incredible Beauty Coupons for Spring

Freshen up your spring look with printable coupons for L’Oréal® Paris hair, skin and makeup products!
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Skin Care Must-Haves to Beat the Summer Heat

As you prepare to have the best summer ever, here are several skin care essentials to have on hand to beat the summer heat.
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How to Prevent Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Are dark circles and puffy eyes preventing you from looking your best? Here are several beauty hacks to help reduce them.
2016-01-13 15:30:00.0

Dry Skin? Try These 7 Winter Skin Care Tips

No one likes flaky dry skin in the winter. Here are seven tips to help heal your winter skin and to keep it moisturized throughout the rest of the winter season.
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D.I.Y. Beauty in No Time: Quick Tips for Self-Care

Self-care may bring to mind activities that typically cost much money as getting a facial or a pedicure. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can make your self-care treatments that are inexpensive and enjoyable.
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Beat Change-of-Season Acne in 4 Steps!

The warm summer months seem to keep breakouts at bay for many, but as soon as even a hint of cold comes around, so does acne. Fight it with all you've got with these four tips that will keep skin clearer, longer.
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Are You Using Too Much Moisturizer?

You invest in a great facial moisturizer and take the time to religiously apply it—but is your regimen actually hurting your skin? We tracked down an aesthetician to get the 411 on how much is too much.

The 4 Best Eye Creams Under $30!

Here are the most common eye complaints we have received from women (and men) and the products we turn to first to fix them!

We Copy 3 Luxe Spas' Pedicures For Under $10

So we checked out three of the best spas in the country, in New York, LA and Boston, with an eye toward their best signature foot treatments. And then we figured out how to knock them off for way less! Go ahead and indulge your senses in some of this season's must-have spa secrets.

Save the $30: Get a Glaze at Home!

Here are some of our favorite home remedies that’ll leave your hair so smooth, your pals with be asking where you were pampered!

RedPlum's Guide To Sunless Tanning!

By Kate Martel So here’s the scoop: we spend all winter waiting for the sun to shine so we can achieve a "healthy" summer glow that, in reality, isn’t so healthy. Of course having the perfect golden-brown glow can make us feel a little more confident (and does a great job of hiding imperfections) but is it really worth the lasting effects the sun’s harmful rays have on our bodies?...

The 4 Best Body Butters Under $13

We've noted a few of our pricier faves, we've also found an also-great alternate that won't cost you more than $13.

Let Go of Your Summer Glow: 5 Products to Ease The Transition

By Kate Martel As summer fades to fall, so should your tan. Take a minute to digest, because we know it’s hard for some of you to hear. One of the biggest beauty faux pas you can make is milking your tan the whole year through. But much like autumn leaves, what started off as golden brown eventually turns to an outrageous shade of orange—which looks lovely on trees, but scary on you. So...

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