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Weird Celebrity Nail Colors: 3 We Don't Hate!

Adding a pop of color on your fingers and toes is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to try out a new trend so this spring, why not be a little adventurous?
Guys - Kick Up Your Style!

Guys - Kick Up Your Style!

Guys – how do you put together your look every day? This new Cool Guy iPhone app can help you put together great outfits and shop for items that compliment your wardrobe.
FREE Beauty Samples

FREE Beauty Samples

The crème de la crème of free samples are FREE beauty samples! Sign up and you can get FREE beauty samples from your favorite brands!
4 Beauty Items I Never Buy Without a Coupon

4 Beauty Items I Never Buy Without a Coupon

If I know I am running low on a particular item I’ll keep my eye on coupons and sales in drug store circulars in my Sunday. Here are the top 5 items I would never buy without a coupon.
Beat Change-of-Season Acne in 4 Steps!

Beat Change-of-Season Acne in 4 Steps!

The warm summer months seem to keep breakouts at bay for many, but as soon as even a hint of cold comes around, so does acne. Fight it with all you've got with these four tips that will keep skin clearer, longer.
Are You Using Too Much Moisturizer?

Are You Using Too Much Moisturizer?

You invest in a great facial moisturizer and take the time to religiously apply it—but is your regimen actually hurting your skin? We tracked down an aesthetician to get the 411 on how much is too much.

Ask The Nail Salon Expert: Do Pricey Nail Files Work Better?

By Kate Martel Fine, it’s not rocket science, but we’ve always wondered whether it’s worth spending $20 on a nail file fit for the poshest nail salon. Turns out, the answer’s no. We got with a nail care expert who told us the right emery board to use for every purpose. And the good news is her recommended boards start at about $2, and not-a-one’s more than $8. If you’re...

Day to Night in 4 Products!

By Kate Martel You spend all day being a makeup minimalist—as you should during the summer months. But once the sun goes down don’t be afraid to turn up the heat with hues too dramatic for daytime. Whether it’s lining your lids in vibrant pops of color or streaking your cheeks with brilliant blush or bronzer, there are quick changes you can make to effortlessly transform your look...

The New Nude Nail: 3 Ways!

Coat your nails in one of the most coveted shades of the season.

The 4 Best Eye Creams Under $30!

Here are the most common eye complaints we have received from women (and men) and the products we turn to first to fix them!

Mineral Makeup: 4 Easy Products for Flawless Skin!

By Kate Martel Here’s the deal—you love the look of a flawless face but hate the idea of caking on pounds of makeup to get it. Luckily, women nowadays have another option. Once thought to be a "high-end" luxury beauty product, this natural, lightweight formula is now more readily accessible (we’re talking your local drugstore) and affordable (starting under $10!) than ever. So before...

Sky High Beauty

We’ve gone ahead and compiled our favorite plane-friendly travel tools that every woman should have on hand when they arrive at their final destination—sized perfectly for pulling out at security.

We Copy 3 Luxe Spas' Pedicures For Under $10

So we checked out three of the best spas in the country, in New York, LA and Boston, with an eye toward their best signature foot treatments. And then we figured out how to knock them off for way less! Go ahead and indulge your senses in some of this season's must-have spa secrets.

RedPlum's Guide To Sunless Tanning!

By Kate Martel So here’s the scoop: we spend all winter waiting for the sun to shine so we can achieve a "healthy" summer glow that, in reality, isn’t so healthy. Of course having the perfect golden-brown glow can make us feel a little more confident (and does a great job of hiding imperfections) but is it really worth the lasting effects the sun’s harmful rays have on our bodies?...

Bright Eyes

By Kate Martel This season, the makeup world has opened its eyes and finally seen the light—literally! The hot summer months have melted away the dark hues that were once considered sexy and replaced them with scorching shades light enough to pop against your perfect tan, but bright enough to light up the night. Until the days cool down, step-up your eye routine by swapping out black mascara,...