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The Night Before Christmas: 5 Amazing Crafts for Kids

It can get hectic during this time of the year, especially on the night before Christmas as last minute preparations for family and dinner occur. However, when the kids are excited or restless for Christmas Day, a fun activity to keep them productive can help you get more things done. 

Here are several entertaining craft ideas that the kids can do below.

Paper plate snowman, holiday kids craft activity.

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1. Paper plate snowman. Minimal materials are needed to execute this activity. Toddlers, between the ages of one and three, can get creative using their imagination to make their ideal snowman. Get the instructions to make the “Cute Paper Plate Snowman Craft for Kids.”   

Reindeer lollypops, holiday kids craft activity.

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2. Reindeer lollypops. Cute, simple, and mess-free, all you need is cardboard or colored paper, decorating materials, glue, and round lollypops. Download the reindeer template and the instructions here.

 Pompom ornament, holiday kids craft activity.

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3. Pompom ornament. If you have any Styrofoam, pom poms, and push pins around the house, then this craft can be done in no time. After their done, the kids can hang the ornaments on the tree.

Reindeer hot cocoa cones, holiday kids craft activity.

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4. Hot cocoa cones. This is a very good idea for the kids to personalize a gift to give to a family member on Christmas Day. The items needed for this activity can be purchased at your local craft store. Learn how to make “Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones.”

Popcorn Santa Claus, holiday kids craft activity.

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5. Popcorn Santa Claus. Make the popcorn, bring out the red, black, or brown construction paper, scissors, glue, and a black marker to bring Santa to life in this enjoyable activity. Learn how to construct the “Popcorn Santa Claus Craft.”

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