Wed, Mar 30, 2016 – by Jennifer Frye

Tips for a Beautiful Spring Garden & Lawn

Tips for a Beautiful Spring Garden & Lawn 1

It's that time of year to start getting the lawn ready for the spring and summer months. Early and proper yard maintenance is essential for grass growth, weed removal, fertilization, and gardening. Having a well-fed lawn improves the overall condition of the grass and helps ensure a healthy growing lawn and garden.

Keep these helpful tips in mind to have a beautiful spring garden and lawn.

  1. Clean garden tools, bird feeders and baths. Remember to disinfect tools, remove debris from bird feeds and thoroughly clean them with a bleach solution, rinse, and change the water weekly.
  2. Rake leaves. Additional leaves may have fallen during the winter season. Make sure to remove any leaves and fallen twigs from trees to being fertilizing the yard.
  3. Prune trees and shrubs. Walk the yard to examine trees and shrubs to prune away excess branches that may cause damage to other plants nearby.
  4. Remove dead flowers.
  5. Apply fertilizer. It is best to plan to fertilize your lawn when it is moist or when you know it will rain.
  6. Divide perennials, weed, and seed. Depending on where you live in the country, there are best times during the spring months to begin moving plants around, remove weeds from the garden before mulching and to sow desirable vegetables and annuals.  
  7. Begin a compost pile. Purchase or use an large old bin to add leaves, branches, and plant debris after cleaning up the yard. Also, add grass clippings and weeds to layer the pile. Make sure to chop the pile to turn it regularly. Continue to do these steps throughout the year to use it for next spring.
  8. Mow the lawn. Sharpen the blades of the mower, refill mower oil, and lubricate parts if necessary.

What are your spring yard goals this year? We want to hear from you, share your plans on Facebook.  

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