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Best Tips to Keep Your Bag Organized

Get the best tips for organizing your purse with these cell phone wallet/purse hacks to lighten your load.

Best Tips to Keep Your Bag Organized

Have you ever held up a line fumbling for your keys or wallet only to look over and see that put-together lady breeze through checkout with a teeny-tiny purse and wonder how she does it? No, she's not a superhero. But she might be the queen of efficiency. With a few tips, you can be too!

Check out these best tips for keeping your on-the-go essentials organized:

Empty, clean, and purge your handbag

To get started, empty out all the contents of your handbag. Lay everything on a table in front of you so you can easily see what you're carrying around. Next, flip it upside down to dump any leftover trash or crumbs into the trash. Then wipe out the inside of your purse to remove dust and grime that's accumulated inside. You can use alcohol wipes to remove ink stains, but use caution when applying alcohol to leather since it can dry the leather out. 

Get rid of extra pens, loose change, sticky notes or make-up that you don't need. You'll quickly realize how much baggage (get it?) you've been carrying around!

Keep the important things that you'll always want to have on hand:

  • Cell phone
  • Pen and small notepad
  • Hand wipes and/or facial tissue
  • Insurance card and information
  • Wallet for cash/credit cards and ID
  • Medicine such as a bottle of aspirin and feminine products

Look for a bag that has built-in storage

Now that you've purged your purse extras and kept the essentials, aim for worry-free organizing by purchasing a bag that has built-in pockets. If you like tote bags best, choose a design that has ample room for mini bags that you've filled with separate items like bobby pins or pens. You can get organizers in different sizes to fit your tote. Each insert usually comes with several different pockets and a zippered compartment to store your personal items. 

For extra credit, grab these to tackle your cell phone and wallet:

  • Transparent envelope case. Keep your phone and keys in plain sight at all times.
  • Bag insert. Keeps your things organized with plenty of pockets and is available in many sizes/colors.
  • Zip pouch. Tuck in loose tissues, sanitizer, or hair ties.
  • Mesh pouch. These are great for storing beauty products, a travel toothbrush/toothpaste, or pens and pencils.

Go ultra care-free and ditch the handbag for a stylish cell phone purse

If you're lugging a 10-pound purse around, you can strain your shoulder or neck. Lighten your load! Carry essentials in a chic cell phone purse or wallet designed with extra pockets for cash, credit cards, and lip gloss. Most come with a long cross-body strap but you can also buy shorter wristlet attachments to wear your phone like a bracelet. They're great for impromptu walks and also make it much easier to find your phone in a bag!  

By simplifying the contents of your purse or changing to a handy cell phone wallet, everything's right within reach. Now you're the no-fuss superhero flying through checkout!