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13 Home Decor Trends We're Loving in 2022

Want to give your home a fun refresh that won't break the bank? Check out these hot new home decorating ideas from Save!

13 Home Decor Trends We're Loving in 2022

Do you get the itch to revamp all the things when spring is in the air? Some of the biggest home decorating trends for 2022 are surprisingly inexpensive and easy to do. Try these affordable ideas to freshen up your space!

Back to basics

Last year, with so many hunkering inside, bright and natural-environment colors were the thing. But for 2022, some of the top home décor styles focus on simple, neutral color schemes. Think warm beige, cool blue, or monochromatic black or white.

Softening interiors

Calm and peace are big themes this year, and it's time to soften any harsh lines and angles. Gently rounded sofas, oval rugs, and circular coffee tables are just a few ideas. If you don't want to switch out your furniture, soften your vibe with candlesticks and vases, throw pillows, and blankets.

Layered textiles

Speaking of blankets and throw pillows, layering textiles is in right now. From luxurious velvet curtains to cozy bedding, textiles are a fun way to refresh your home quickly. This can mean combining colors and patterns or combining various textures. Mix soft neutrals with brighter pieces for a pop of color that won't overwhelm the room.

Vintage pieces

If you're a thrift store fan, this one's for you. But even if you've never bought a single thing secondhand, now is the time to start! From midcentury modern furniture to Depression-era glassware, just a handful of vintage pieces can create a unique and curated mood.

Multipurpose spaces

Is your home or office a tight squeeze? With so many people working from home, multipurpose spaces are it right now. A lift-top coffee table makes it easy to work from the couch and adds storage. A folding desk can move out of the way when you want to entertain. Think about how you actually use (or want to use) each room, and then look for pieces that can help make it happen.

Pendant lighting

If you don't have recessed lights, it's all about hanging light fixtures this year. You can find pendants to go with any style, from vintage to ultramodern. Mix longer and shorter ones for an industrial-farmhouse chandelier look. Most are pretty easy to install, assuming you already have the wiring in place.

Casual chic

These days, our homes are where we live, socialize, and often work. But it should also be a place to relax! Ditch the stuffy formality and go for a more pulled-together, eclectic style. Think mismatched dining chairs, raw wood tones mixed with painted pieces, or a displayed collection of vintage toys.


If you're not into clutter, you'll be happy to know that minimalism is also making a comeback. But it's been updated for 2022. Instead of harsh lines and imposing empty spaces, modern minimalism is all about creating airy, breezy comfort. Cut down on the amount of "stuff," from unnecessary furniture to knickknacks that no longer spark joy. Then soften your scaled-down look with yellow-toned lighting and cozy textures.

DIY projects

DIY took off during the pandemic, and it's still going strong. Whether you want to build a bookcase or make your own candles, your DIY handiwork will personalize your space in a way that store-bought artwork never could. Hit up your local craft store in person or online and see what inspires you.

Home offices

Make sure your home office is up to the task if you work from home. You might have a dedicated room, or you might have carved out a corner of another space. Either way, take a hard look at your setup. Is it ergonomic? Is your internet fast enough? Do you have Zoom-ready lighting? 


Wallpaper is back and better than ever. You can find wallpaper to match virtually any mood and decorating theme, from vintage designs to Mediterranean themes. Modern removable, peel and stick designs let your imagination run wild without any painting mess. And you won't need to deal with glue. Just peel off the backing and use a smoothing tool to stick it to the wall. When you want a change, peel it away and replace it with something fresh. It's the ultimate low-commitment home makeover, and especially great for renters.

Virtual decorating

Want to try something new but not sure it'll work in your space? Virtual decorating software was already having a moment before the pandemic, and it's only exploded since. You can find a variety of home decorating apps for your smartphone or computer that will walk you through the process of seeing how a new color scheme or piece of furniture will look in your home.

Doing what makes you happy

Ultimately, it's down to finding what works for you. There are tons of trends out there, but don't do anything just because it's "in"! Take the time to browse and figure out what speaks to yo. It's all about personalization this year and making your home into a relaxing haven.

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