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6 Life-Boosting Augmented Reality Apps to Try

Augmented reality includes virtual shopping, hairstyles, home decorating, and the best virtual makeup try-on app options. Learn more.

6 Life-Boosting Augmented Reality Apps to Try

Even if you've never heard the term "augmented reality," you've definitely already used it. Ever used a filter in an Instagram story? Or played Pokémon Go? 

What is augmented reality (AR), exactly? It's a technology that lets you overlay computer-generated images and information onto what you see in real-life. For example, you could play a video game on your phone and see one of the characters pop up next to your dog on the couch. Or, you could use your tablet to "place" pieces of furniture in your new home and see how they'd fit and look before you purchase them.

The AR market is expected to explode in growth in the next five years, offering so much more than gaming. Here are some innovative AR examples you can use to make life easier and more fun!

1. "Try on" makeup

Curious what that purple eyeshadow looks like before you add it to your cart? Many of the world's biggest makeup brands let you "try on" makeup in real-time on your real face. Save a trip to the makeup counter and make it entertaining. Find your perfect shade with a virtual makeup try-on app or have some fun giving yourself a temporary makeover.

2. Look before you chop

Similar to makeup AR trends, there are also AR hairstyle apps. You can use a selfie view to try out various cuts and colors before committing to the salon. Some will even analyze your face shape and recommend complementary looks to try!

3. Goodbye, dressing rooms!

From sunglasses and clothes to engagement rings, if you can wear them, you may be able to try them on virtually. AR virtual shopping lets you see what fashions and wearables look like on your body. You can see if certain shoes look good with the outfit you have in mind or wear dozens of outfits in minutes. No dressing room required.

4. Remodel your home

Forget paint swatches. Save time and a trip to the store with a wall paint AR app. You can see what different colors will look like throughout your home. Various furniture shopping apps let you plant a chair, couch, or whatever else you'd like anywhere in your home without having to call the movers.

5. Add a cool layer to self-care

Meditation can boost mental health and relaxation. If you want to transform your surroundings into a more peaceful environment, meditation AR apps change spaces into nature-filled Zen gardens.

6. Unleash creativity

Video games are one of the most popular AR categories, but there are other ways to get creative with AR. Some apps let you color an image on paper, like a page from a coloring book, then scan it with your phone to bring your creation into your actual real world. These AR apps are great for kids and fantastic for adults who want to focus their minds on something fun!

AR can transform your real world

Bringing technology into everyday life can be convenient and valuable. From shopping for clothes to decorating your home, check out your favorite brands' apps to see what they offer in the AR world.

When you want to shop in real life, use your mailer for coupons and savings.