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7 Simple Things That Will Make You Feel Amazing Before 9AM

Rallying the troops each morning takes some doing. These 7 productive morning routine ideas to get done before 9 AM will help you get a head start on your day!

7 Simple Things That Will Make You Feel Amazing Before 9AM

Achieving more in your day generally leads to lower stress levels and a happier home. Get into a routine of ticking a few essential activities off first thing in the day. You can’t pour from an empty cup. To be the best you can be for your family, you must first take care of yourself. Here are seven recommendations for productive morning routine ideas that you can aim to do before 9 AM.

1. Wake up early

Well, that seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it? Yes, to get a certain number of things done before 9 AM, you need to wake up early. “How early?”, you ask. That depends on the other members of your household. Ideally, you want an hour or so to yourself before the rest of the household wakes up. Having even thirty minutes to go through some items on your productive morning routine list without someone else needing you will help you to center your mind and your energy on what is important.

2. Drink water

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is a great way to wake up your body and get your metabolism going. It will help you to feel more awake and energetic.

3. Make your bed

Productive mornings may start with something as simple as making your bed. This is a quick task, and it has such a high impact. Immediately, your space is tidier, and you feel more in control.

4. Open the curtains

Let the sunshine in. Daylight is an essential part of how our bodies know that it is time to wake up and be productive. Not only that, but the science is there to back up how many health benefits catching some rays has!

5. Exercise

It doesn’t have to be a five-mile run. A few simple yoga stretches may do the trick. A little bit of exercise will get your blood flowing, release some endorphins, and boost your metabolism. All good things for a productive morning.

6. Get dressed

Getting yourself ready for the day is a vital point on your productive morning routine list. If you are dressed and ready, you are more willing and confident to take on whatever it is that life is going to throw your way. It is also a subliminal message to yourself to let you know that you are capable and an essential cog in the family’s wheel.

7. Eat breakfast

To get the most out of your day and have a productive morning, you need to start with a healthy breakfast. Some people advise having the same meal every morning. That way you take the stress out of deciding what to eat each morning. You can just have your smoothie/bowl of oats porridge and get cracking with the rest of the productive morning routine list.

Productive morning routine

How your morning goes can make a great impact on how your day plays out. If you start your day with a productive morning, you will feel more in control and energetic for the tasks ahead. Having all your ducks in a row by 9 AM will empower you for everything you aim to do during the rest of the day.