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9 Fun Easter Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Are you looking to up the egg-citement for Easter? Plan a day of affordable fun for the whole family with these 9 Easter activities and games.

9 Fun Easter Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

As Easter bounces into view, you may wonder how to add an exciting touch to the weekend of chocolate and bunnies. Whether you're feeling the warmth of spring on your skin or a lingering chill is making you yearn for the cozy couch, we've got games for Easter that will work indoors or outdoors. 

Adding these Easter games and crafts to your weekend has the bonus of added quality family time. Grab a hot cross bun and your cup of joe, and get browsing on these games to play on Easter weekend.

1. Egg hunt

Here are unique ways to increase the anticipation and add extra fun to our go-to Easter egg hunt:

  • Add a timer: How many chocolate eggs can you find in 1 minute?
  • Relay race Easter egg hunt for large family gatherings
  • Blindfolded egg hunt for smaller spaces
  • Add clues for a fun Easter egg scavenger hunt
  • Skip the candy and replace some chocolates with plastic eggs with activity ideas inside, such as: "pick a movie," "stay up late," "hop like a bunny until you find another egg," etc.

2. Easter dough

Much like the game Charado or Pictionary, grab some playdough for this guessing game. This one is fun for everyone and perfect for chilly days by the fire. Write Easter items on paper strips, things like a bunny, lily, basket, egg, cross, or hot cross bun. Each team blindly picks a piece of paper and molds the item with playdough for their team to guess. 

3. Greedy bunny 

Think human Hungry Hippo, but use plastic or real chocolate eggs for the 'greedy bunnies' to grab with their baskets. You will need a large area for this. The team pushes one player on their stomach (using a skateboard) to the center of the room. As the player is shoved forward and back, they must grab as many easter eggs as possible with their basket. All teams play at the same time to compete for all the eggs in the center of the room. 

4. Egg dice trading game

Once everyone has hunted for eggs, play a game of Egg-dice. For every number on the die, players need to perform an action.

  • Roll 1: Everyone needs to pass one of their eggs to the left
  • Roll 2: Trade all your eggs with someone
  • Roll 3: Steal any egg
  • Roll 4: Spin a bottle and swap eggs with the person it points to
  • Roll 5: Steal one egg from each player
  • Roll 6: Give two of your eggs away to anyone

5. Egg experiment

If you want to distract your kids from indulging in their chocolate eggs, get them to try some kitchen science experiments. One that they'll love is to turn an ordinary egg into rubber. Place an egg into a container and cover it with vinegar. Let them observe what happens to the egg over Easter weekend, replacing it with fresh vinegar after 24 hours. After 3-7 days, the shell will be gone, leaving your kids with a bouncy science egg.

6. Painted eggs

You can paint white chocolate eggs or empty and paint natural egg shells. Blow eggs by making a pinprick and blowing the insides out (use it for scrambled eggs, baking, or meringues). Rinse eggs, and once dry, place on a skewer and get painting. Acrylic paints work best for this craft. Once the eggs are dry, display them in a centerpiece or hang them from a spray-painted branch for your Easter decorations. 

7. Craft no-sew bunnies

Leave the sewing skills to your sister-in-law and make an adorable rabbit with a sock, rice, elastic bands, and a bow. 

  • Fill a plain or (clean) patterned sock with rice
  • Tie an elastic band to form its neck and add a ribbon
  • Secure a second elastic band above its head
  • Cut the top sock flaps into two ears
  • Add eyes and a little bunny nose with a marker

Your final product can be a doorstop, paperweight, or a cute ornament for the Easter feasting table.

8. Easter tin cans

See who has the best aim by playing a game of Easter tin cans. Get your kids to craft tins into bunnies, adding ears and pompom tails. Line them in a row, and get everyone to aim. You can use beanbags, nerf guns, a glow-in-the-dark ball, or plastic eggs to knock the tin rabbits down — those poor little bunny rabbits. 

9. Easter Olympics

Using all the Easter games above, turn the competition on by making it an Easter Olympics. Keep a scoreboard for winning teams or individuals throughout the game series. The winner receives an Olympic chocolate egg (i.e., the largest Easter egg you can find) at the end of the day. For the Olympic games, here are some extra ideas:

  • Eggput. Think shotput but plastic eggs are being catapulted out of your mouth as far as possible. Whose egg can go the furthest?
  • Egg and spoon races using plastic or chocolate eggs and spoons. Create a finish line and see who crosses it with their egg intact.
  • Egg basket slam. Grab a basket and see how many eggs each competitor can get into the basket within a limited timeframe and from a distance. 
  • Bunny sack races. Place a fluffy tail on the sacks, wear those bunny ears, and hop to the finish line.

Bouncing into holiday bliss

We love the holidays, and we love when great ideas come cheap! From creative Easter recipes to try to Easter movies for a cozy night in, Save has budget-friendly ideas for Easter that help you have fun without overspending. 

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