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Tasty, Nutritious Appetizers, Mains, & Desserts for the Holidays

Discover budget-friendly holiday meals that are tasty and healthy! Feel good from the start of the holidays into the new year with guilt-free holiday eating.

Tasty, Nutritious Appetizers, Mains, & Desserts for the Holidays

During the holiday season, staying healthy doesn't have to mean missing out on delicious meals and celebrations. You can enjoy flavorful, nutritious dishes that energize you for family game nights or the office's Santa Sprint. Plus, you'll avoid the guilt of splurging on an exorbitant gym membership in the new year.

Revamp your holiday menu with these affordable and nutritious dishes. From appetizing party canapés to hearty family mains and desserts, these nutritious holiday dishes will leave you and your loved ones feeling vibrant and ready to tackle the new year.

Crowd-pleasing appetizers for holiday parties

  • Rice paper rolls with turkey make an appealing, healthy way to use your leftovers. Rice paper rolls are gluten-free; you can fill them with fresh raw ingredients and a low-calorie dipping sauce. 
  • Air fryer bacon-wrapped Brussels sprouts are a firm holiday favorite. By air frying them, you reduce the fat content rather than deep-frying. Drizzle with antioxidants-rich maple syrup!
  • Stuffed mushrooms with pecan nuts, low-fat cheeses, and basil.
  • Mini caprese skewers are healthy and easy to make. Simply alternate cherry tomatoes, mini mozzarella balls, and fresh basil leaves. Drizzle with balsamic glaze.
  • Greek yogurt deviled eggs offer a lighter twist when you replace some mayo with plain yogurt.

Main dishes & sides for a family feast

  • Harvest salad filled with healing winter or fall vegetables and protein. Seasonal foods are often more affordable than produce that's out of season. Add cranberries and nuts for sweetness and crunch.
  • Roasted butternut squash quinoa recipes can vary from stuffed butternut to a warm salad. Substitute with lentils, barley, or couscous for a more cost-effective alternative to quinoa. Cauliflower rice, chopped nuts, or chickpeas are best for a carb-free addition.
  • Kale salads with cranberries, walnuts, and a citrus vinaigrette are nutritious for any holiday table.
  • Mashed cauliflower is a lower-carb alternative to traditional mashed potatoes that's just as creamy and delicious.
  • Hearb-roasted turkey or chicken are a lean and protein-rich centerpiece. Roast the poultry with olive oil and season with a variety of herbs.

Sweet, guilt-free desserts

  • Avocado chocolate mousse blends avocados, chocolate, your choice of milk, a natural sweetener, and a pinch of salt. Avo mousse recipes are easily adapted for a vegan diet and easy to make.
  • Chocolate chia pudding can be made in single-serving jars and refrigerated until ready to serve, either for a quick crowd-pleasing breakfast or as a dessert while settling in front of the fire. Chia seeds are packed with antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and high levels of protein and fiber.

Nutritious conscious holiday eating for good food and a good mood

Maintaining your wellness during the holidays has numerous benefits. It means better health, more energy, a longer life, and a robust immune system. You'll be better prepared to handle holiday challenges - from keeping the cat out of the Christmas treeplanning a vegan meal for the first time, and hunting for the perfect holiday gifts

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